Father of missing children pleads for their safe return

Posted at 10:50 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 00:58:31-04
"I'll be happy when my kids are with me, I'll be happy when I know they are safe," explained Jesse Dunn, who said he hasn't slept in 11 nights since his two children went missing. 
"My ex-wife and her boyfriend have them, have hurt them, and they've been gone for 11 days," said Dunn. "That's 11 days too much. No parent should have to go through this."
Police believe that Jason "Travis" Simon and Sarah Joy Vanocker-Dunn fled their Caldwell home with two of Vanocker-Dunn's children and one of Simon's in anticipation of a warrant for Simon being served.
That warrant, police said was issued after they were tipped off by a third party that Simon was making child porn.
"This is the most horrific, painful, difficult time in my life. I have never had anything that could ever compare to it," explained Dunn.
Since then, the Canyon County Sheriffs office issued a warrant for Vanocker-Dunn on charges of kidnapping and custodial interference.
Police believe they are traveling in a gold 2006 Pontiac Montana van, 2CJN683. 
On Monday, an Amber Alert was issued for the three children, which Dunn said is long overdue. 
"I've been fighting every day for it. I've been screaming at people, yelling. I don't know how much of a fit a grown man has to do to get something across," said Dunn.
The father said call after call for nearly two weeks fell on deaf ears until Monday when he said he walked into the governor's office and demanded they take action.
While it was a small victory in the hardest fight of his life, he said all he wants is the children's safe return.
 "I'm working. I'm not going to stop. I love you guys. I will not give up. I know it has taken a long time and I'm sorry. I feel like I've failed to an extent, but I'm not stopping and I love you," cried Dunn. 
Police said they've confirmed a sighting of the couple in Arcadia, California last Wednesday, and believe they were also spotted in Sparks, Nevada yesterday.
Police are asking anyone that sees them to dial 911 immediately.