"Family tradition" wins Pocatello man $200,000 in the Idaho Lottery

"Family tradition" wins Pocatello man $200,000 in the Idaho Lottery
Posted at 12:27 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-04 14:27:13-04

A Pocatello man went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair on Saturday, visited the Idaho Lottery event trailer -- and won $200,000 on the Scratch Game Juggernaut Jackpot.   

Jerrit Elmer has attended the fair every year.

He said, when he was young, he would visit the fair with his grandparents, who often visited the Idaho Lottery event trailer.  Once Elmer was old enough to play, he always made it a point to the visit the Idaho Lottery trailer and play Scratch tickets.  This year was no different -- when he attended the fair with his wife, Shanelle, and their ten children.

“He was eager to get to the Lottery booth to play, but I made him go see the giant horse and the giant pig, first,” laughed Shanelle, when the couple claimed their ticket in Boise Tuesday.

“I couldn’t wait. Playing the Lottery at the Fair is a family tradition, it’s what we always do,” Elmer said. “I bought a Bronco pack for my dad, then some tickets for us. I had some winners and went back to the booth, cashed them, and spent a little more and got the ticket.”

Elmer scratched the ticket and got understandably excited after learning he had won $200,000.

“This is life changing!” he exclaimed.

“He says that all the time and I believe him now,” his wife added. “This win is coming at a perfect time for us.” 

Elmer and his family plan to use their winnings to upgrade their Pocatello home.

The $200,000 win on the Scratch Game Juggernaut Jackpot is the single largest winning ticket ever sold by the Idaho Lottery at one of their event trailers.