Family Strengthening program helps Treasure Valley families

Posted at 9:52 AM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-30 12:12:26-04

Six On Your Side's Community Baby Shower is just around the corner. On Wednesday, June 6th.. You can help local families by donating baby items at Albertsons.

One Treasure Valley mom will tell you, having support is crucial in raising a child.

"It's really really hard sometimes," said Tara Wilson, Family Strengthening participant. 

"His name is Lucas and he's amazing. He's the light of my world," exclaimed Wilson. 

For Wilson, a little help goes a long way.

"It's actually really easy to start to feel disconnected because you don't have something set all the time. It's hard to do play dates, it's hard to do things like that when you have a special needs child." 

Wilson is a part of family advocate's family strengthening program.

It's a 20 week program where parents and children attend parallel educational classes like nutrition, childhood development milestones, and financial literacy. 

"We're talking about creating a family budget, the children are learning at three and four and five years old, we're teaching them about earning an allowance and saving for something," said Sarah Leads, Family Strengthening Director. 

The parents get together for a group session while the kids play together.

"So, I like it when we talk about different parenting styles or like even struggles as a parent or we talk about depression or coping skills," said Wilson.

They get to pick out much needed items like clothes and diapers.

For Wilson, the best part is knowing that she has support and that she's not alone. 

"This makes it so we have a safe place we can come to and he can play and I can get some very much needed adult time and a little bit of a break while I'm learning something," said Wilson.

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