Family speaks out after fire destroys home

Posted at 9:51 PM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 23:51:48-04
A West Boise family is speaking out, after their home was destroyed by a fire that they say was caused by fireworks.
The Ortega family is picking up what is left -- piece by piece -- after that fire gutted much of their home. 
"Our lives, our animals are safe. You know we have each other," said Gabriel Ortega. 
The Ortegas say the fire happened early in the morning after the Fourth of July.
They say investigators told them an illegal firework sparked the fire. 
In Idaho, you can purchase fireworks that shoot into the air, but you are not supposed to use them. You even have to sign a document saying you will not use them. The Ortegas, and even the Boise Fire Chief, say the law does not make sense. 
"It makes really no sense. What's the point of selling them but you can't use them," said Gabriel. 
"If you're going to take that responsibility on, you have to take the ful responsibility," explained Yadira Ortega.
For now, the Ortegas are staying in a hotel. They have renters' insurance, and are hoping for the best. They just want things to go back to what they were -- for themselves and their son. 
"The feeling -- hopelessness. That's a terrible feeling for anybody to feel. I don't want him to feel that," said Gabriel. 
A friend of the family has set up a Go Fund Me page for them.