Family Advocates lives up to its name during the pandemic

Community Baby Shower
Posted at 6:00 AM, Jun 04, 2021

BOISE, Idaho — For 15 years, southwest Idaho has rallied for Community Baby Shower and the annual fundraiser has helped thousands of babies and parents. This year, it is back on June 9 and because of the pandemic and Idaho's growth, more local families need this hand up.

Supplies are running low at Family Advocates after a year of growth in its programs. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Boise-based nonprofit knew the families they serve were the most vulnerable.

"To watch the staff really get together and say you know, what can we do? We can't let these families down. They need our help," said Kathryn Seebold, executive director of Family Advocates.

Family Advocates held family strengthening courses online and staff made home deliveries of diapers and wipes, food and clothing. The virtual shift is working, as over 80 families participated in the 12-week parenting courses over the past year. Family Advocates also grew their reach into rural communities as well.

"We are not going to go back to necessarily in-person classes," said Seebold. "We are going to do a hybrid because we found there are those that now can take advantage of a course without having to go in person. And we can still make that impact."

The impact is obvious as parents learn and practice the five protective factors in raising children, like resiliency and creating social connections. In turn for their hard work and health habits, they are rewarded with needed baby items delivered safely to their front door.

One of the greatest needs at Family Advocates is larger-sized diapers to help stock the shelves. And one package of diapers makes a huge difference at Family Advocates.

"Can you imagine where you don’t have the ability you don’t have the funds to go into the store to go get that diaper and you’ve got a baby and there is nothing you can do? To me, that’s the difference that yeah, one package of diapers makes a huge difference."

Your donations during Community Baby Shower last summer sustained Family Advocates and four other incentive-based education charities during this difficult year. Seebold said she thinks they had over 10,000 wipes and 25,000 diapers.

This year, you can buy or drop off new baby supplies at any Albertsons store in the Treasure Valley on June 9. But you don't have to wait until then, you can click here and donate now. You can also text the word BABY to 345345.

Albertsons will be matching the first $15,000 we raise, so join us in person on June 9 or online right now the help support the youngest members of our community.