Fall Flights return to World Center For Birds Of Prey as they make up for lost revenue

Posted at 6:11 PM, Sep 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-24 20:12:23-04

Falcons and hawks are soaring into the sky at the World Center For Birds Of Prey. The fan favorite "Fall Flights" are back. 

The event let's predatory birds fly overhead as the crowd learns more about each species. The high-flying show usually starts on the first week of October, but this year organizers added three extra weekends to keep up with popular demand. 

During this past winter, they had to close for three months after snow and ice damaged an interpretive center. They've made the repairs, but are still working to make up lost revenue.

"We had the opportunity to restore a bunch of exhibits that had been damaged and give the interpretive center a real fresh feel. There are still a number of issues associated with that, the fact the building is old and part of the building is a barn, and so there are issues we still need to fix," Said Tate Mason Director of the World Center For Birds Of Prey.

Organizers say the best way to help is to become a member of the Peregrine Fund. "Fall Flights" will run every Friday Saturday, and Sunday at 3 pm until November 4th depending on the weather. Seating is limited.