Facebook groups help reunite lost pets with owners

Posted at 10:03 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 00:03:09-04

If you find a lost animal, your first thought may be to take them to the Humane Society, but anymore these days it's pretty common to take the animals home (if you have a safe environment for it) and post it on a lost and found group on Facebook.

"It's helpful I think for the humane society's," said Kim Mills, an active member of many group. "It's become extremely powerful because in some cases you can get 50 shares in a day."

Not only does it help keep the shelters with more space to work with, but there are entire communities of people who devote time to reuniting pets with their families. Just take Mo's story for example. 

"Like the Mo story was shared, I wrote it down because I couldn't believe it- 404 times, and that's just from that page," said Mills.

Because of these groups of people and sharing posts, many times owners can be found quickly.

"Sometimes the owners are found within days, sometimes within a day, or hours even," said Mills.

And while most posts you'll see are dogs or cats, maybe even a bird or too, it's not just limited to domestic animals. 

"Somebody had a horse stolen from their pasture and it was returned. The image was posted all over the internet," explained Mills.

Unfortunatly not ever story is a success, and while Mills said it can be sad at time to see animals not reunited, stories like Mo are what keeps them coming back to the page.

"that's what makes you feel good about it," said Mills. "That's what makes you want to keep doing it.'