Facebook group created to help Treasure Valley parents find formula amid shortage

Baby formula shortage
Posted at 4:19 PM, May 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-27 18:45:22-04

TREASURE VALLEY — With long wait times, empty shelves and a lot of frustration, moms are struggling to find baby formula. Parents are turning to social media amid the formula shortage, so a few Treasure Valley women started their own Facebook group to help.

“It’s just about finding the formula,” one of the group admins Kimberly Jacobson said.

The group, Treasure Valley Infant Formula Availability, was created a little over a week ago by Kimberly Jacobson and Michelle Ehlke. With nearly 1,000 members from Boise to Mountain Home, the group allows individuals to post photos of store shelves across the valley, informing parents of where they can formula.

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“By creating this group and allowing people to post pictures of different locations of where the formula is, they can go see ‘oh it’s at the Walmart on Garrity,’ and they don’t have to go searching for hours to find their formula,” Ehlke said.

Jacobson and Ehlke have actually never met in person, but have the same goal in mind — find formula for those who need it.

"This was my way of fixing a problem I was having but also helping these other moms or parents, grandparents, foster parents, caretakers helping them be able to find the food they need," Jacobson said.

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So far, a lot of parents have been able to find the formula they need based on the photos, trades and more.

"(A mom) was looking for Enfamil AR. Her baby didn't have enough to make it through the end of the day and by having this group we were able to find some and she got a few cans so she was able to feed her baby that night," Ehlke said.

Baby formula shortage

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"I’m proud of the community. I’m proud of myself. We’re just really working hard to get all of the babies fed," Jacobson said.

To donate formula or money, contact one of the admins who will get the formula to a mom in need. You can tell them how much you would like to donate and they will purchase the formula and provide you with receipts.

If you use WIC, food stamps or are facing financial hardships you can fill out this form, created by one of the admins.