Expanded database helps connect public with opioid treatment options

Posted at 5:11 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 19:11:37-04

“In a matter of 5 months, returning month after month to that doctor, I had not only become addicted, but I became emaciated. I had dropped 35 pounds,” said Jason Coombs. 

After being involved in a car accident twelve years ago Jason Coombs found himself struggling with an opioid addiction. 

“I know the suffering that an addicted person goes through trying to get off oxycodone which for me led to heroin after,” said Coombs. 

Through hard work and renewing his faith, he got sober. 

“I went multiple rounds through treatment centers, through detoxes and counseling,” said Coombs. 

He’s now the CEO of an addiction treatment facility in Meridian, using his experience to be a resource for others battling addiction. 

“I feel like that gives us an edge to help someone walk through those and early challenges and to be their cheerleaders and give them a roadmap,” said Coombs. 

Finding resources can be a challenge. The national non-profit called the addiction policy forum has expanded it’s addiction resource center treatment provider database in Idaho, to help connect people across the state who are struggling with addiction.

“it can be very difficult to find service providers, and it can be very difficult to find good information on how to deal with an addicted person in your family or as a person in recovery as to who are reliable providers," said Addiction Policy Forum chair member Chris Mecham. 

The expansion includes more providers in more areas around Idaho. Having the information in one place makes the recovery process for those like Coombs one step more feasible. 

“To bring the community much simpler ways to find the resources particularly here in Idaho were becoming more cutting edge in that development and that excites me as a treatment provider, and that excites me even more as a person in long-term recovery,” said Coombs. 

The non-profit will be expanding the database throughout the other states as well.