EXCLUSIVE: Weezer's Brian Bell takes us behind the scenes

Weezer played the Ford Idaho Center with the Pixies Friday.
Posted at 11:18 AM, Apr 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-06 13:23:10-04

NAMPA, Idaho — Rock band Weezer returned to town Friday while thousands filled Ford Idaho Center to jam out to hits like "Beverly Hills," "Say it Ain't So," and their recent smash-hit cover of "Africa."

In a 6 On Your Side exclusive, reporter Madeline White sat down backstage with long-time guitarist Brian Bell who said he was looking forward to getting "back in the swing of playing live," after taking four or five nights off, which he said in "tour speak" felt more like a month.

“We kind of give the people what they want. Ya know, we play our hit songs, and we play the cover songs, and, ya know, we’ll have the hardcore fans and we’ll throw them one or two Pinkerton songs," said Bell.

Bell's tour essentials? A portable espresso machine and vinyl record player, which was spinning Coltrane at the time of the interview. For Patrick Wilson, it’s a vintage game console.

The band touched down in Boise Friday, and flew out the same night to head to Portland for their next show.

“We’ve been playing on the road for about a month and half, and we’re ending in Coachella, so that means we’re hopefully gonna be pretty good," said Bell, laughing.

This was the second time Weezer has played in Idaho, after they sold out a Boise arena concert in 2001. The band has been together for more than 25 years and released their debut album, "The Blue Album," in 1994.