Esther Simplot Park ponds back open

Posted at 9:22 AM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 11:22:47-04

The ponds at Esther Simplot Park in Boise are back open for recreational use for the first time since June.

The City of Boise announced this morning that E. coli levels that originally closed the ponds on June 21st have remained consistently low enough to safely reopen them.  

“We’re very happy that the public can enjoy these ponds in the way they were intended,” said Doug Holloway, Boise Parks and Recreation director. “Public health and safety is always our first priority. While E. coli is always present in ponds like these, low levels are not considered a public health hazard and we once again have confidence that these ponds are ready for recreational use.”

Quinn's Pond was also impacted by the June 21st closure but was reopened on June 30th.

Tests showed the E. coli came from dog and goose feces in the ponds.  To fight future contamination dogs are no longer allowed at Quinn's Pond or Esther Simplot Park and diversion efforts continue to keep geese away as well.

Daily tests will continue to be performed to keep an eye on E. coli levels in the water.

The City of Boise also offered these tips:


  • Don’t ingest the water
  • Wash your hands after use
  • Be sure to shower after swimming
  • Pick up after your dog when using Boise parks
  • Keep your pets out of the water
  • Don’t feed geese or ducks