Empty Bowls fundraiser benefits Idaho Foodbank

Posted at 6:52 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 21:02:24-05

Just over the holiday season alone, the Idaho Foodbank supplies more than two million meals across the entire state. During this critical time of year for families, they can always count on a line forming at the Grove Plaza on Black Friday.

All the buzz on the Friday after Thanksgiving may be centered on Christmas shopping but many took time out to put themselves in the shoes of someone less fortunate.

"It's always nice to help," said Kesline Frederick who was in attendance.

Hundreds stood in line at the plaza in Boise waiting to fill their bowls with hot soup. The fundraising event for the Idaho Foodbank is symbolic of what it's like waiting in line at a soup kitchen.

In its 19th year, the Empty Bowls event allows for the public to make a donation in exchange for a hand-made bowl and soup.

For every dollar donated, the foodbank can provide four meals for a family in need.

"This event and the meals that it provides out to the community is only possible because of the amazing partnerships we have with community members," said Morgan Wilson, vice president of development for the Idaho Foodbank. "So, it's just a very fun way to start off the holiday season."

Whether it's your first time at the event or an ongoing family tradition, attendees say it's all worth the wait.

"I think a lot of people need help with that kind of thing more than they'd like to admit," said Ruth Fritz, who was there with her friends. "It's definitely cool to be able to support something that's a really essential part of everybody's lives."

The hope was to raise $30,000 for the Idaho Foodbank.

Any leftover soup, which was donated to the cause by 19 different restaurant owners, will be handed off to the Boise Rescue Mission.