Emmett business supplies costumes in new...

Posted at 5:39 PM, Dec 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 19:39:25-05

Quentin Tarantino's latest blockbuster, “The Hateful Eight,” has a tie to the Treasure Valley thanks to an Idaho company that's been servicing big films for decades.

C & c Sutlery in Emmett creates replica clothes and tools for history buffs. From boots and buttons to caps and coats the sutlery is a treasure trove of civil war replicas. The company got its start while founder Charles Lox re-enacted Civil War battles.

"I was a re-enactor and got a little bored during the day,” said Lox. “I had nothing to do so I started putting tables out selling merchandise - mostly antique merchandise."

Thirty-five years later and today Lox's clothes are being worn by actors in Tarantino's new movie. Set a few short years after the Civil War, the movie relies on several characters - former veterans - looking the part.

That's where Lox comes in.

"They call and we tell them what they got,” he said. “They take it all."

The Emmett businessman is no stranger to Hollywood demands. He's supplied Civil War clothes for films and shows that include “Glory,” “Gods and Generals,” and “Hell on Wheels.”

Lox says he watches the movies to see his gear, though he'll admit it's tough to spot.

"It really is hard to find them because they make it dirty,” he said. “They make it completely different than what they bought."

For those of you hoping to find a piece of Idaho in “The Hateful Eight,” Lox says the lion’s share of what he sold was plain confederate grays.

C&C Sutlery has sold beyond the coasts of America. Their clothes have sold from Australia to Norway.

Looking to get yourself a set? A basic outfit can cost you less than two hundred dollars.