Elmore County investigating DUI arrest, death

Posted at 11:54 AM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 13:54:44-04

A woman is dead and her husband booked into the Elmore County Jail on a felony DUI charge, according to the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Mike Hollinshead said deputies were called to a remote area along the Pine/Featherville Road, near Highway 20, early Sunday morning.

There, they found a parked vehicle and a man -– later identified as Gregory Park, 37 -- performing CPR on a woman the Sheriff identified as Park’s wife.

Paramedics were called, but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene, Hollinshead said.

Investigators are awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death.

The vehicle was not involved in an accident, according to reports.

The deceased woman’s name is not yet being released, but relatives have been notified, Hollinshead said.

“During our investigation, it was determined that (Mr. Park) was the driver of the vehicle,” he stated.

Park was booked into the Elmore County Jail about 7:30 Sunday morning.

The Sheriff confirmed the couple was seen earlier at a bar in the town of Pine.

No further details were released.

The case is still under investigation.