Elizabeth Smart says #Metoo gives victims of sexual violence camaraderie

Posted at 10:31 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-07 00:31:26-05

Her story grabbed nationwide attention 15 years ago when she was kidnapped from her bedroom in Utah at 14-years old. Now Elizabeth Smart is an advocate for survivors and victims of sexual violence and assault. On Wednesday she took her message to Idaho State University in Pocatello. 

Smart spoke during their "Surviving Voices" series which promotes awareness and prevention of violence against women. Smart spoke of her experience and the night she was taken along with her feelings then and now.  

Her visit to the Gem State comes as Time magazine selected the "Me too" campaign as the person of the year, in honor of all the voices speaking out against sexual assault and violence.

"Now more than ever survivors are starting to feel more of a camaraderie and feeling that maybe they can't put their face to what's happened yet, but they're able to have an outlet for it in some form which I think, is very empowering," said author and advocate Elizabeth Smart. "So I think it's huge. I think we're seeing some real progress in an area that hasn't seen progress in a long time." 
Smart says she wants to make sure survivors know what happened is not their fault and they should never feel guilt or shame. She also spent time with local advocacy groups promoting resources for help and signed copies of her book.