Electric bikes hit the Greenbelt

Posted at 7:14 AM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 14:07:40-04

There’s a new way to explore Boise’s parks and greenbelt. Pedego, a new bike shop off Parkcenter Boulevard in Boise, right across the street from the greenbelt, sells and rents electric bicycles.

"It's a great way to see the beauty around here and explore the treasure valley," Nicole West, the shops owner said.

West and her husband recently moved to the treasure valley to set up the California based company.

"When we found the locations so close to the greenbelt we just thought it would be a great thing for the community," West said.

And so far it has been.

"When people come back they usually have ear to ear smiles," West said.

Pedego loaned us a bike to try out for ourselves. It’s very user friendly and fun to use the bike’s throttle. Just on the bikes power alone you can travel a distance of about 30 miles and if you add a little peddling mixed in, you can go about 70 miles on one charge.

"We're opening up a whole new world to allow your entire family to get out and ride and test the whole bike path because now you can peddle as long as you need to or want to or whatever your physical limitations are and then the bike can do the rest of the work for you," West said.

Pedego has options for all types of riders.

"Basically you decide what kind of a day you want to have and then you pick your bike accordingly. We have bike seats for kids we have trailers, we have pet trailers."

It’s a great activity to get outside as the weather warms up and enjoy the city of trees.

"You can get just about anywhere within a 35 mile radius based on the greenbelt and some of the connecting paths," West said.