Elderly woman credits shih tzu for saving her life

Posted at 9:15 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-22 00:18:07-05
91-year-old Doris Jenkins was at her Caldwell home getting ready for bed. She changed into her nightgown taking off her medical alert for just a moment. That's when she went to the kitchen to take her medication.
"I took my medication, it hit me, and the blood clots hit my legs and I went to the floor," explained Jenkins. "It was like pain I have never felt before in my life."
Unable to stand, Doris tried screaming for help but to no avail.
"So I took off and I just crawled all the way to my door," described Jenkins.
Jenkins somehow miraculously managed to get the front door and screen door open. That's when Jenkin's shih tzu, Oreo, realized something wasn't right.
 "He was really terrified," said Jenkins. "I just took him in my arms and I said 'Orey, mommy's hurting really bad honey. You've got to go get help for mommy, go get help.'" 
Normally, Jenkins said when she lets Oreo outside he will sniff around and pee on just about everything, but not this time. Oreo ran straight down the street until he found the caretaker of the senior living facility.
"He ran out and jumped in her arms, and she knew something was wrong. She let him down and when she did she followed him to my apartment and she could hear me hollering for help," said Jenkins. 
The caretaker immediately called an ambulance, but that didn't stop Oreo from comforting her owner until the paramedics arrived.
"I just held him as close as I could," explained Jenkins. "Oreo saved my life. cause I would have died. My lady said she had to come pull him literally pull him out of my arms. He wouldn't leave me."
Jenkins was rushed into surgery and spent the better part of a week recovering in the hospital, all of the time in which she was telling everyone about her Oreo.
"I said well I've gotta tell you about my little dog. I said he saved my life," said Jenkins.
When she was finally well enough to return home, she said Oreo was ecstatic.
"You couldn't believe how happy he was to see me. He never left my side. He sat right next to me on that chair with me all day," said Jenkins.
Oreo was treated with tons of love, kisses, and of course a new toy. Jenkins said at times she thought having a dog at her age could be very difficult, but now she wouldn't trade him for a million bucks.