Elderly couple celebrates Valentine's Day and one-year anniversary

Posted at 3:46 PM, Feb 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-13 19:41:48-05

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Ron Reinhart and Jodi Reynolds live in the Touchmark Retirement Community, this weekend marks their first wedding anniversary.

The couple met on the golf course at the retirement community, and immediately Ron was impressed with Jodi.

"Jodi was a newbie on the block," said Ron "She was on the other team, and obviously, she's a very interesting and attractive young lady."

"Ron kind of taught me how to play golf," said Jodi.

They discovered they had a lot in common. Both of them are competitive, they are active and this couple decided to elope on Valentine's day in 2020.

"We actually called our children from our honeymoon and said guess what, we are married," said Jodi. "We had the intention of having a big family celebration in the springtime."

But then the pandemic happened, and this couple credited Touchmark with preventing an outbreak by locking down immediately, they were isolated, but they had each other.

"Maybe we should have waited for a while, but no, it has been an awesome year," said Jodi.

Ron taught Jodi backgammon, Jodi taught Ron cribbage, they learned how to stream and enjoy shows together and they told us being married for one year during COVID-19 was like being married for several years.

But they haven't had the opportunity to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends.

"To get together in large groups and be able to hug to eat and drink together is something special," said Ron. "We are hoping that will happen this summer.

They do look forward to Valentine's Day and celebrating their one-year anniversary, but they do have five children between them, and they can't wait to travel and trade their zoom meetings for face-to-face interactions.