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MAKING THE GRADE: Expansion and school rankings and Common Core Hearings (Oh MY!)

Posted at 4:02 PM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-14 18:02:21-04

Michelle Edmonds and Idaho Education News reporter, Kevin Richert, take a look at this week's hottest education topics in Making the Grade.

The education task force may call for an expansion of the career ladder. A subcommittee of Gov. Brad Little’s education task force began developing three potential recommendations Tuesday, and two of them will look familiar to anybody who followed former Gov. Butch Otter’s task force six years ago.

Members of the teacher pipeline subcommittee spent most of Tuesday’s meeting narrowing their focus and debating strategies.

After the dust settled, three potential recommendations began to take shape. Our Media Partners, Idaho Education News, broke down those recommendations. Read more about them here.

Another topic of discussion: school rankings. The State Department of Education publishes online report cards for every public school and charter in Idaho. The digital report cards are a part of Idaho’s accountability system.

The report card data includes student achievement, graduation rates, learner progress, college and career readiness, demographics and enrollment, as well as non-academic indicators such as student engagement surveys, teacher retention and finance.

As another part of the accountability plan, required by the federal government, state officials rank all schools with composite scores. The state’s purposes for ranking schools are to identify the lowest performing and those that met or exceed goals.

Idaho Education News has an in depth breakdown on school rankings--more about it here.

Arguably the hottest topic this week: a potential showdown on Common Core. Idahoans will get their say on Common Core later this month, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

The State Board of Education has scheduled four public hearings on Idaho’s academic standards, starting Aug. 19.

Idaho Education News broke down what you need to know ahead of time. Read more here.

Watch the full, in depth discussion below: