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Jerome School District passes face covering resolution for back to school

Face coverings not required, but highly recommended
Posted at 10:15 AM, Aug 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-02 12:15:30-04

JEROME, Idaho — Schools across the state are putting finishing touches on their "back to school" plans as we gear up for the first day of schools

The Jerome School District, passed a resolution highly recommending face coverings on school property, but they're not required. The district says they made that decision because they wanted to be consistent with the City of Jerome and the mask resolution passed by the South Central Public Health District.

"So if you look at that resolution, very very similar, almost verbatim--just replacing with the Jerome School District," explained Dale Layne, the Jerome School District's Superintendent.

Their back to school plan looks fairly similar to the rest of region four. The plan centers around four, color-coded levels based on the amount of community spread in the area.

The four levels are:

  • Green: Means it's business as usual for the schools, with in-person classes and typical school protocols
  • Yellow: Stricter focus on COVID-19 precautions (social distancing etc.)
  • Orange: A "hybrid" between online and in person. Half the students would be in-person and the other half would be learning online. It would rotate on an "A" day "B" day type schedule.
  • Red: Complete return to distance learning (similar to what we saw this spring)

The district posted their full "back to school" plan on their website.