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Four Joplin Elementary students head to robotics world championship in Kentucky

Posted at 5:36 PM, Mar 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-21 19:36:55-04

BOISE — Four Treasure Valley students from Joplin Elementary School are headed to Kentucky in April to compete in a world competition for STEM education. They call themselves the Galaxy Vexxers, and they are ambitious.

While most of us are lying in bed counting sheep, they have a world championship on their mind. "When I'm lying in bed I just practice different strategies. Like I just pretend I'm holding a controller," said Arwen Hall, a fifth grade student at Joplin Elementary School

They’re competing in the world championship in Louisville, Kentucky, and 400 different elementary schools are coming in from Germany, China, Australia, and everywhere in between; and these four students are going for the gold.

"I think we might get in like the top 10," said Hall, while Santana Rodriguez, another fifth grade student at Joplin Elementary School, has even higher sights, "I expect to get in the top 5," said Rodriguez.

Now after a first place championship at the state competition, and a few improvements to Violeta the robot, team 713A is ready to take on the world, one robot at a time."We're adding like new pieces here so this piece doesn't snap back," said Greta McCrory, a fifth grade student at Joplin Elementary School.

And Hall said she is proud to be on her mostly girls team, "Usually boys do robotics things and girls are just expected to not do stuff like this so it's fun for us to do it."

If you want to help the Galaxy Vexxers on their journey to Louisville for the world championship, click here to donate.