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118 Idaho schools receive grants for fresh fruits, veggies

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Posted at 1:48 PM, Sep 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-10 15:48:10-04

BOISE, Idaho — Students at 118 schools across Idaho will receive free, fresh fruit and vegetables during this school year thanks to a state-administrated grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program provide children in participating elementary schools with a variety of fruits and vegetables during the school day. Under the National School Lunch Act, schools with the highest enrollment of students identified for free and reduced-cost meals are given priority for participation.

This selection criterion ensures that the program benefits children who generally have fewer opportunities to eat fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.

“We love administering this program, and children love the wide variety of fruits and veggies,” Superintendent Ybarra said. “This is an effective, creative way of introducing healthy snack options for schoolchildren throughout our state."

For more information about Child Nutrition Programs at the Idaho State Department of Education, visit the department's website.

These Idaho schools received 2020-2021 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable grants:

School DistrictSchool NameAward Amount
American Falls School DistrictHillcrest Elementary School$16,725.00
American Falls School DistrictJ.R. Simplot Elementary School$27,525.00
American Falls School DistrictWilliam Thomas Middle School$9,525.00
Blackfoot School DistrictDonald D. Stalker Elementary School$16,125.00
Blackfoot School DistrictFort Hall Elementary School$8,850.00
Blackfoot School DistrictGroveland Elementary School$12,375.00
Blackfoot School DistrictI. T. Stoddard Elementary School$23,700.00
Blackfoot School DistrictBlackfoot Heritage Sixth Grade$23,850.00
Blackfoot School DistrictRidge Crest Elementary School$22,350.00
Bliss School DistrictBliss School$4,050.00
Boise School DistrictGarfield Elementary School$22,575.00
Boise School DistrictGrace Jordan Elementary$32,100.00
Boise School DistrictHawthorne Elementary School$17,325.00
Boise School DistrictHillcrest Elementary School$21,450.00
Boise School DistrictHorizon Elementary School$36,075.00
Boise School DistrictJefferson Elementary School$16,575.00
Boise School DistrictKoelsch Elementary School$24,975.00
Boise School DistrictMorley Nelson Elementary$35,250.00
Boise School DistrictWhitney Elementary School$35,700.00
Boise School DistrictWhittier Elementary School$33,975.00
Boise School DistrictWilliam Howard Taft Elementary School$20,550.00
Bonneville Joint School DistrictBridgewater Elementary$31,950.00
Bonneville Joint School DistrictFalls Valley Elementary School$22,350.00
Bonneville Joint School DistrictTiebreaker Elementary School$30,225.00
Boundary County School DistrictNaples Elementary School$6,900.00
Boundary County School DistrictValley View Elementary School$25,200.00
Bruneau-Grand View School DistrictGrand View Elementary School$4,725.00
Buhl School DistrictPopplewell Elementary School$37,650.00
Caldwell School DistrictJefferson Middle School$18,375.00
Caldwell School DistrictLewis & Clark Elementary$26,775.00
Caldwell School DistrictLincoln Elementary School$22,050.00
Caldwell School DistrictSacajawea Elementary School$31,350.00
Caldwell School DistrictSyringa Middle School$17,925.00
Caldwell School DistrictVan Buren Elementary School$37,350.00
Caldwell School DistrictWashington Elementary School$33,075.00
Caldwell School DistrictWilson Elementary School$31,500.00
Cambridge School DistrictCambridge Elementary School$3,375.00
Castleford School DistrictCastleford School$12,450.00
Challis Joint School DistrictChallis Elementary School$9,675.00
Clark County School DistrictLindy Ross Elementary$3,075.00
Coeur d'Alene School DistrictBorah Elementary School$20,475.00
Coeur d'Alene School DistrictBryan Elementary School$25,125.00
Council School DistrictCouncil Elementary School$9,600.00
Culdesac Joint School DistrictCuldesac School$4,125.00
Dietrich School DistrictDietrich School$6,675.00
Emmett School DistrictKenneth Carberry Intermediate$32,175.00
Emmett School DistrictShadow Butte Elementary School$30,825.00
Fruitland School DistrictFruitland Elementary School$33,525.00
Glenns Ferry School DistrictGlenns Ferry Schools$14,400.00
Gooding Joint School DistrictGooding Elementary School$39,600.00
Hagerman Joint school DistrictHagerman Elementary School$11,325.00
Hansen School DistrictHansen Schools$10,050.00
Homedale School DistrictHomedale Elementary School$27,750.00
Homedale School DistrictHomedale Middle School$15,075.00
Idaho Falls School DistrictDora Erickson Elementary School$23,925.00
Idaho Falls School DistrictA.H Bush Elementary School$25,125.00
Idaho Falls School DistrictFox Hollow Elementary School$28,500.00
Idaho Falls School DistrictHawthorne Elementary School$19,200.00
Idaho Falls School DistrictTheresa Bunker Elementary$18,600.00
Idaho Falls School DistrictEthel Boyes Elementary School$35,700.00
Idaho School for the Deaf and the BlindIdaho School for the Deaf and the Blind$6,750.00
Jefferson Joint School DistrictHarwood Elementary School$17,025.00
Jefferson Joint School DistrictRoberts Elementary School$8,625.00
Jerome Joint School DistrictHorizon Elementary School$34,125.00
Jerome Joint School DistrictJefferson Elementary School$34,725.00
Jerome Joint School DistrictSummit Elementary$47,175.00
Kamiah Joint School DistrictKamiah Schools$12,525.00
Kellogg School DistrictPinehurst Elementary School$26,850.00
Lakeland School DistrictJohn Brown Elementary School$23,325.00
Lakeland School DistrictSpirit Lake Elementary School$21,975.00
Lapwai School DistrictLapwai Elementary School$15,225.00
Lapwai School DistrictLapwai Jr-Sr High School$3,075.00
Lewiston School DistrictMcGhee Elementary School$20,775.00
Marsing Joint School DistrictMarsing Schools$23,100.00
Minidoka County School DistrictEast Minico Middle School$14,700.00
Minidoka County School DistrictHeyburn Elementary School$32,175.00
Minidoka County School DistrictRupert Elementary School$39,075.00
Minidoka County School DistrictWest Minico Middle School$13,875.00
Mountain View School DistrictClearwater Valley Elementary$11,700.00
Nampa School DistrictCentennial Elementary School$29,700.00
Nampa School DistrictCentral Elementary$20,550.00
Nampa School DistrictEndeavor Elementary School$31,200.00
Nampa School DistrictGreenhurst Elementary School$17,175.00
Nampa School DistrictIowa Elementary$29,325.00
Nampa School DistrictNew Horizon Elementary$32,700.00
Nampa School DistrictPark Ridge Elementary$16,950.00
Nampa School DistrictSherman Elementary$28,050.00
Nampa School DistrictSnake River Elementary$22,725.00
Nampa School DistrictWillow Creek Elementary School$38,325.00
Notus School DistrictNotus Elementary School$12,525.00
Orofino Joint School DistrictOrofino Elementary School$25,650.00
Orofino Joint School DistrictPeck Elementary School$900.00
Orofino Joint School DistrictTimberline Schools$5,550.00
Parma School DistrictMaxine Johnson Elementary$21,900.00
Payette School DistrictPayette Primary School$22,725.00
Payette School DistrictWestside Elementary School$15,675.00
Plummer-Worley Joint School DistrictLakeside Elementary School$12,525.00
Pocatello School DistrictClaude A. Wilcox Elementary School$34,575.00
Pocatello School DistrictGreenacres Elementary School$19,950.00
Pocatello School DistrictJefferson Elementary School$23,400.00
Pocatello School DistrictLewis and Clark Elementary School$30,975.00
Pocatello School DistrictTendoy Elementary School$14,025.00
Richfield School DistrictRichfield School$8,400.00
Salmon River Joint School DistrictRiggins Elementary$3,825.00
Shoshone School DistrictShoshone Elementary School$14,250.00
Weiser School DistrictPark Intermediate School$14,775.00
Weiser School DistrictPioneer Primary School$24,225.00
Wendell School DistrictWendell Elementary School$25,500.00
Wendell School DistrictWendell Middle School$14,925.00
West Ada School DistrictDesert Sage Elementary School$37,200.00
West Ada School DistrictFrontier Elementary School$18,075.00
West Ada School DistrictMcMillan Elementary School$15,150.00
West Ada School DistrictMeridian Elementary School$30,300.00
West Ada School DistrictUstick Elementary School$27,750.00
West Bonner County School DistrictIdaho Hill Elementary School$8,025.00
West Bonner County School DistrictPriest River Elementary School$25,725.00
West Jefferson School DistrictTerreton Elem- Jr High School$16,800.00
West Jefferson School DistrictHamer Elementary School$1,200.00