EARTH DAY: Twin Falls man bikes thousands of miles to raise awareness for climate change

Posted at 4:12 PM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-22 18:12:57-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Each year on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth day. They take the day to celebrate the earth and demonstrate their support for protecting it.

For Twin Falls Resident Nando Lomez, the meaning behind this year's Earth Day is extra important because it's about supporting the community and the planet we live on--especially right now.

"This earth day has more of a significance because of everything that's happened over the past couple of months, and a lot of people what they've gone through."

To raise awareness for climate change, Lomez has biked more than 3,000 miles. For more than 470 days in a row, he's swapped four wheels for two, and has been taking his bike everywhere he goes.

"I saw a lot of documentaries and read a lot of different books by climatologists about the dangers of what's happening to the planet," Lomez said. "In January of 2019 I decided to take it every day to work and back, and errands and everything."

Biking thousands of miles isn't easy, but he says when it get's hard, he looks at motivational messages he's written on his bike.

"Like in the winter, when it was 14 degrees, or two weeks ago when it was really really windy and I could barely stay on my bike because the wind tipped me over, or when it was completely iced on the road like in January," Lomez said. "I just look at the sayings on my bike, it kinda motivates me, kinda keeps me going."

It's an inspirational journey that has a sad beginning. Lomez started biking as a way to recuperate after an accident, but he says he wanted to make his bike journey into something bigger than himself. It's even extended to him giving support to community members in need. The past for weeks, he's added another stop on his daily bike route: a food pantry on Hansen St. where he donates what he can each day.

"I just realized a lot of people that were getting laid off and I still had a job. I know a lot of people aren't that fortunate so I just thought it would be nice to do my part and help," Lomez said.

Coming up this Friday, Lomez says he's planning to donate a tree to the City of Twin Falls to celebrate Arbor Day. He'll be planting the tree at the park next to the Sunway Soccer Complex. He says he hopes the tree will serve as a memorial to those who have passed away from the coronavirus, and will be a place for their loved ones to gather and remember their lives once its safe to do so.