Eagle opens new section of the city's bike park just in time for the summer

New attraction offers several jumps and quick turns for riders
Eagle biker touches the sky while riding the new attraction at the city's bike park
Posted at 7:02 PM, May 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-18 10:58:19-04

EAGLE, Idaho — Bike riders from all over the Treasure Valley came out to the Ada-Eagle Bike Park on Wednesday to shred up the park's new attraction named "Seven Sins."

The new addition is a jump line that features multiple jumps and quick turns.

The first one to shred the new course after the ribbon cutting was Ryan Chase. He is still young, but his dad says he hopes to be a pro biker one day.

He's only been biking for a couple years, but he hit every jump on the course multiple times. He says coming to the bike park almost everyday helps him with his confidence.

Chase has seen the bike park grow in the last few years which he is happy about.

“Seeing how far this place has come just with all the different jumps and trails and stuff it’s super cool," Chase said.

The new addition to the park is a result from a partnership from the city of Eagle, Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association (SWIMBA) and an anonymous donor.

The bike park is always growing and tries to add new additions regularly. The trail manager, Rob Hollerman, says he thinks seeing the park grow reflects in the riders.

“Kids these days, in a couple of years they’re hitting some of our biggest lines here," Hollerman said. "Just to watch that progression and know that with our work, with the city’s help, we’re able to provide that for them.”

The attraction is now fully open to the public. It's important to know your skill level before attempting any of the trails at the park. More information can be found here.