Eagle Fire Dept. creates fire line around Avimor

Eagle Fire Dept. creates fire line around Avimor
Posted at 8:21 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 22:40:17-04

The community of Avimor just North of Eagle has seen some fires nearby.

"One, it's to help prevent it and secondly if it does start out here in the wild land urban interface, it will give us a defensible space for our fire crews to stop the spread and contain the fire," said Rusty Coffelt, Eagle Fire Department chief. 

A fire line, five miles long and 30 feet wide is being created to help protect their homes. 

"We're going to remove the highly flammable sheet grass and sage and replace it with a fire resistive Forage Kochia that we'll actually put the seed down and over the next two to three years it will take over."

Forage Kochia is a plant which helps reduce the threat of wildfires. 

The project is a first of it's kind in Ada County made possible by a 43,000 dollar grant from a local non-profit. 

"We've had some really good instances where you know, where fires have started after we've done the work and they were able to put the fire out, no effort. You know, they've actually come back and really thanked us so it's really rewarding," said Bill Moore, Southwest Idaho Resource Conservation and Development Council. 

It's something the Avimor community couldn't be thankful enough for. 

"But we know one day there will be a lightning caused fire coming across the prairie towards our community and hopefully what we're doing here today, looking at today, it will slow it down or stop the fire long enough to protect our community," siad Dan Richter, Managing Partner for the Avimor Group.

The fire chief says Forage Kochia should sprout this Spring, but it won't reach full maturity for another two to three years. 

Although this is the first of it's kind project in Ada County, the Bureau of Land Management has used similar techniques toward Mountain Home.