Dozens of dead birds cover this road in Kuna

Posted at 4:03 PM, Jul 04, 2023

KUNA, Idaho — While Independence Day celebrations and summer activities are getting more Idahoans on the road, for some living in Kuna the drive may come with a frightening image.

A stretch of road near South Cole Road and Kuna Mora Road has been covered in the tiny feathered bodies of Ring-billed and California gulls.

The road's appearance might be striking to some for its resemblance to a horror movie, but those who live nearby say this is nothing new.

"No, they do not phase me; they are there every year, I kinda try to avoid them, but some of the semis don't avoid them," said Kuna resident Jesse Flick.

A group of just under 10,000 gulls has made South Cole Road into their breeding ground, and so for several years now residents say hundreds of young birds have been hit crossing the street.

With breeding season in full effect, the road is once again dotted with young birds.

We've reached out to the Idaho Fish and Game department to find out why they think this is happening, but told us they wouldn't be able to address our questions until later in the week.