Downtown Meridian development may bring beginnings of mixed use growth

Posted at 10:47 PM, Feb 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-08 12:44:08-05

MERIDIAN, IDAHO — Local businessman Joshua Evarts and his partner Pacific Companies plan to break ground this spring on a project that could finally create the demand in downtown Meridian that commercial developers have been waiting for.

As it stands today, it's safe to say downtown Meridian isn't much of a downtown at all.

"The only apartment in this whole entire downtown is right there. And it's one unit!" said Nathan Mueller, Vice Chairman, Meridian Development Corp.

But starting as soon as this spring, that may all change with construction of an apartment complex Mueller says is aimed to bring "infill density."

"And in-fill density is bringing the people, because the people bring the amenities eventually."

The pair of four-story buildings will feature more than a hundred apartments designed for tenants who want to live where they work, totaling about 105 thousand square feet.

"Down the alley you can catch a view of the old city hall. And that building will also be getting leveled and that's where the second building's gonna be going in."

And it's not just dwellings on the property. Mueller says at least one restaurant will open to serve the new demand.

"We need multiple hubs where people go that are closer where you don't get stuck in traffic as long and you can work and you can go out to a nice dinner."

And more people in downtown Meridian means less people on I-84 headed to Boise.

"If everybody on earth goes to Boise on Friday night to go to dinner-- it's not gonna be fun to be in Boise anymore."

And when it comes to office space, Mueller says that likely won't start before residents and restaurants do first.

"We finally have developers showing up to say, 'Well what's it gonna take to make that happen?' So that's exciting."

Mueller says the development is set to break ground at the end of next month.