Dog shot in McCall

Posted at 10:42 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 00:56:39-05

Karen Evans was walking Saturday with her two dogs, Ruby and Huckleberry in her McCall neighborhood. She said her dogs were about 20 yards in front of her when suddenly something happened she never expected. 

"Huckleberry, who weighed about 110 pounds all the sudden he just screamed a bloody scream and just jumped in the air," explained Evans. 

Huckleberry was shot by a pellet gun, and was bleeding in snow. She rushed him to the vet, but nothing could be done. He later died from his injuries. Now she wants to know who is responsible. 

"He was a great dog. I'm really going to miss him," said Evans. "I don't know if there was some reason behind it, I saw nothing. "

While Karen was on private property, on a walk that she said she's done plenty of times, The Valley County Sheriff’s Department, who is investigating the incident said unless the dog created a threat, the shooting isn't justified. 

"Idaho doesn't have a leash law per se, but dogs are not allowed to run at large. But with that, animals can't chase other peoples’ lives stock, other people's animals, or wildlife. That would be illegal and an animal can be put down for doing that," said Sgt. Jason Speer of the Valley Country Sheriff’s Department. “ Just an animal being on your property, is not grounds to shoot it. "

Karen said her huckleberry wasn't doing anything to deserve his fate. And now it has her and many of the neighbors scared for their safety. 

"Were worried is the next target going to be someone's grandkids?" Questioned Evans. 

Karen says her home just isn't the same without Huckleberry. 

"He's not coming home so it's a sad story," said Evans. 

Anyone with any information on the death of Huckleberry is asked to call the Valley County Sheriff’s Department