Dock Dogs competition on full display at Treasure Valley Subaru this weekend

Posted at 2:53 PM, Sep 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-02 16:53:17-04

Treasure Valley Subaru in Nampa is hosting a regional dog docks competition where pooches fly through the air in several different disciplines.

This regional event brought a lot of dog owners from Washington and Oregon like Stacey Nesting. She has a red labrador retriever named Echo and a black lab named Ribbet, who jumped 25 feet, seven inches on one of his jumps.

Ribbit soars through the air

"For us it is our sport, it is our recreation," Nesting who came from Monroe, Oregon. "They are very driven dogs they want to play and fortunately for me both of them are water crazy and toy crazy, so it makes this game really easy."

The finals happens on Monday as these dogs will compete in different classes in several different disciplines like distance, height and speed. The employees at Treasure Valley Subaru enjoy putting on this family-friendly event.

Stacey Nesting and her dog Echo

"I love seeing the dogs compete and seeing them jump," said Tina Chambers of Treasure Valley Subaru. "Everyone is different with the way they jump and it is amazing to see how fast they can jump, it is so cool to watch."

Another cool aspect of this event comes with Treasure Valley dog owners having the opportunity to try this activity. People need dogs who know how to swim, but it was really interesting watching some of the dogs improve after hesitating on their first attempt.

Dock Diving takes practice

"The other thing is bring a toy that floats that your dog absolutely goes crazy for," said Nesting. "That is usually how we all start."

The competition continues on Sunday and Monday starting at 9:00 a.m. and goes until three. This event gives local dog owners a chance to qualify for the world championship in Dubuque, Iowa next month. Nesting has already had both her dogs qualify.

Finals is on Monday

"So for us this competition is pure fun," said Nesting. "These events are amazing, we love them, we love the people, we love the dogs and it is always such a good vibe."

The event features dog vendors, food vendors and music if you want to check out the action on Sunday or Monday.