Dive team finds missing fisherman's body in the Snake River

Posted at 5:43 AM, Jul 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-03 16:01:14-04

Members of the Ada County Sheriiff's Office (ACSO) dive team have found the body of a fisherman who fell into the Snake River early Sunday morning.

The Dive Team spent most of Sunday and Tuesday searching the water before finding the man just after 3 Tuesday afternoon.

Preliminary information shows the 42-year-old man, identified as Aaron James Link of Ontario, fell off the end of a dock and into the water around 1 Sunday morning. Other people camping in the area called 911 to report they hear the sound of someone struggling and yelling for help in the river, but it was too dark to see where he was.

The coroner says Link drowned, and has ruled his death an accident.

The campers started walking along the riverbank to try and find the man. Deputies arrived moments later and helped with the search.

Around that time, deputies found fishing supplies, including a fishing pole, tackle box and other items at the end of a dock by the dam but no one was around.

Deputies also found another man, who appeared to be asleep in a truck nearby. He told deputies he was taking a short nap while his friend continued to fish off the end of the dock. They then figured out the man on the dock was who fell into the river.

An extensive search of the area involved ACSO deputies, an air ambulance helicopter, the Boise Fire Department Dive Team, Kuna Fire and other campers nearby was done that morning but they were unable to find any sign of the fisherman.