Discovery Center of Idaho opens Titanic artifact exhibit

Titanic exhibit
Posted at 4:09 PM, Feb 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-16 12:58:22-05

BOISE, Idaho — We all know the story of the Titanic, the massive passenger ship that hit an iceberg on her maiden voyage in 1912. Of the estimated 2,200 hundred passengers and crew on board, more than 1,500 died in the icy waters of the Atlantic.

A special exhibit is now on display at the Discovery Center of Idaho featuring artifacts from the Titanic. The exhibit includes over 120 real artifacts from the ship, including replicas of some of the rooms.

"Titanic is one of those stories that's timeless but also ageless," said Emily Mahon, Education Director at the Discovery Center. "So we have children here that have already been obsessed with it since first or second grade to those elderly and middle-aged people who have been obsessed with Titanic since it came out in 1997."

You are asked to reserve your admission up to seven days in advance by visiting the Discovery Center of Idaho's website. Masks are required for your entire visit.