Different forts of Treefort makes this music festival unique to Boise

Posted at 2:03 PM, Sep 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-25 16:03:37-04

The Treefort Music Festival continues through Sunday and while live music is the star of the festival a number of different forts help Treefort speak to a wide variety of people.

On Saturday morning, we checked out Yogafort at Jump as people showed up to meditate and relax under a canopy.

"Yoga Fort 2021 is all about showcasing our local instructors," said Celeste Bolin a volunteer at Yogafort. "It is about bringing belonging and a sense of place back to Boise after a year of not being able to be together."

A short distance away Eleven and Jason D, a local hip hop group performed while skaters shredded at Rhodes Skatepark for Skatefort.

"I actually started skating with my headphones but as soon as they started playing music I took my headphones out," said local skater Jake Rowe. "I like to listen and join in."

Treefort offers Skatefort, Yogafort, Alefort, Artfort, Comedyfort, Dragfort, Filmfort, Foodfort, Hackfort, Kidfort and Storyfort so it is pretty easy to see how this festival appeals to so many people and each fort is born from the passion of the people of Boise.

"I think that Treefort was founded on people doing what they love," said Bolin. "So like Skatefort and Yogafort came from people saying I love this thing and I want to share it with the community so you build it."

Jake Rowe decided he wanted to help out and share his passion of skateboarding so he offered an hour of his time to volunteer as well.

"Yeah I think it is awesome, I love being a part of it," said Rowe. "I have people coming up to me telling me how good of a job I do so it's nice to be praised for everything that you help out with."

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