Dietrich mayor calls for accountability

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-02 00:20:08-04
Last Wednesday was a chaotic day in Dietrich after news broke of allegations that a black developmentally disabled student was sexually assaulted by three white football players, sending shock waves across the nation.
The alleged victims family filing a federal civil suit seeking 10 million dollars.
A week later, not much has changed in Dietrich according to the mayor.
"It's like one of our local farmers said, boys will be boys, but this is a little over the top as far as that," said lifetime Dietrich resident and current Mayor Don Heiken."I've been getting all sorts of nasty emails."
The federal lawsuit filed names the district and a host of employees as defendants, claiming they did nothing to stop what the family calls on-going abuse, and they mayor says he thinks he knows why.
"Two of the main boys were the head players of the football team. They were having a good year up to that point. Nobody wanted to talk about it because they wanted to keep these two kids on the football team until the season was over," said Heiken.
The Mayor goes on to say if the teachers, coaches, and volunteers would have stepped up and done the right thing, this all could have been avoided. 
"I think all the people that's involved in that, that knew about it and didn't do anything to stop it, I think they all outta lose their jobs," said Heiken.
As for what should be done to the alleged attackers, he said their fate should come from the justice system.
"I think they otta throw the book at them myself," said Heiken.