Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden visits Boise for campaign fundraiser

Posted at 4:52 PM, Aug 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-06 22:51:31-04

BOISE — The front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination found Boise to be fertile fundraising grounds today.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden held a campaign fundraiser at a private residence on Warm Springs Avenue Tuesday. Attendees paid anywhere from $100 to $2,800 to support Biden's campaign, and to listen to him speak.

The former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who is among a list of over 20 declared Democratic presidential candidates to join the 2020 presidential race, made a pit stop in Boise.

"I really appreciate that he makes a stop in a small red state like this because, you know, electorally it's not going to be very useful to him, but the president ultimately has to be the president of all 50 states," said Rep. Ilana Rubel, (D) Boise.

Tuesday was day two of Biden's tour in Idaho. The candidate first made a stop in Sun Valley on Monday, before making his way to the City of Trees.

"We know this is a very red state, but it's about winning the primary for Joe Biden, and by him coming here, really getting his face out there, and getting his message out there, it only helps him get closer to that victory here in Idaho," said TJ Thomson, Boise City Council Member.

The private event was a fundraiser for Biden's campaign. It was held at a private residence in Boise. Attendees paid anywhere from $100 to $250 to attend the event, and anywhere from $1,000 to $2,800 to attend and get their photo with Joe Biden.

"He is going to be our next president. And what an honor for me to have the privilege to meet someone of such great integrity," said Margaret McClean, an attendee.

Attendees say the Democratic candidate spoke about his three main reasons for entering the presidential race, which Biden's campaign Facebook page lists as: 1. Restoring the soul of the nation, 2. Rebuilding the backbone of the nation, and 3. Unifying the nation.

"One of the things he talked about was taking a fiscally prudent approach to bringing programs that would help strengthen our middle class. For example, eliminating some loopholes that really only benefit the very top tier, and using that money to make higher education more available to the middle class," said Rubel.

Joe Biden is the second Democratic candidate to visit Idaho, following Julian Castro who stopped in Boise last year.

The 2020 Idaho Democratic primary election takes place on March 10th of 2020.