Deadly domestic incident in Nampa highlights serious problem in Idaho

Posted at 8:01 PM, Mar 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-28 22:02:16-04

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office has identified the victim who died in a domestic violence incident in Nampa on Tuesday, and also the suspect who was shot by police.

22-year-old Kymberlee A. Larsen died as a result of being stabbed multiple times, investigators say 29-year-old Evan C. Bashir of Meridian is suspected of killing Larsen before law enforcement shot Bashir multiple times.

Two others survived the incident, a 27-year-old Chelsea Larsen and 57-year-old Julianna Flowers who both suffered multiple stab wounds, they are recovering after surgery, they are in stable condition.

Today we talked with Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue who told us that the statistics are staggering and that his office responds to more domestic violence calls then any other scenario.

The sheriff says that once a domestic situation starts most of the time it will continue to get worse until it culminates in an incident like the one in Nampa on Tuesday.

Donahue says that reaching the next generation who grow up in a domestic violence culture and that is one of the biggest keys to slowing down this problem, he said those children are more likely to be abusers or victims, three children witnessed the incident in Nampa on Tuesday.