Daughters of the British Empire donate funds for a Christmas party at the Idaho State Veterans Home

Posted at 12:18 PM, Dec 09, 2022

BOISE, Idaho — Veterans at the Idaho State Veterans Home had a rough experience during the pandemic as staff had to implement stringent safety measures to protect this vulnerable population from the Covid-19 virus.

"When Covid hit we closed our doors," said Jo Ann Daron of the Idaho State Veterans Home. "The doors to the veterans home have never been closed, we were open to the community, family and friends and so when COVID came and we shut our doors, that was transformative for the Veterans Home and it changed everything."

This year the Idaho State Veterans home is planning a Christmas party with the help of the Daughters of the British Empire who donated $650 for the vets.

"Covid has been tough for everyone, but certainly it has been tough here because they had to shut their doors," said Lee Landin of the Daughters of the British Empire. "We just want to help them have a really sweet and lovely Christmas Party, here have some pennies and have some fun."

The Daughters of the British Empire is a non-profit women's group made up of ladies with British or Commonwealth ancestry, we have profiled them during our community baby shower, they would raise money and donate baby items to coincide with the birth of Prince George and every royal birth since.

This year the Daughters of the British Empire wanted to commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on Queen Elizabeth's birthday in February which celebrated an unprecedented 70 years of service to the Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8.

"She was a remarkable woman," said Landin. "Dignity, honor, service and duty are all the things we should probably aspire to as human beings and we as the Daughters of the British Empire try to support as well as the members of our faith."

One of the veterans at the home named Ralph actually met Queen Elizabeth during World War II, it was a surprising moment for all of us.

"She was a very nice woman," said Ralph.


Now Ralph and the rest of the veterans can look forward to having a Christmas party as the Idaho Veterans Home has already made plans to spend the money and have a nice spread for the vets sometime next week.

"It means so much to the residents to allow the community to come back in," said Daron. "I is just so nice that our community takes care of our veterans and the Daughters of the British Empire are a perfect example of doing just that."

The staff at the Idaho State Veterans Home continues to take precautions with Covid-19, they have a diligent screening process for visitors and require everybody to wear and N-95 mask and protective eyewear.