DACA advocates hold a rally at the Idaho State Capitol to support dreamers

Posted at 5:32 PM, Nov 16, 2019

BOISE, Idaho — The United States Supreme Court is currently deciding on the future of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program after the Trump administration put together a plan to end DACA.

There are currently around 700,000 dreamers who live in the United States, and many of them came to the United States as children. They have legal status under DACA, but they are not citizens.

Advocates and Boise State students gathered at the capitol for a rally to show their support for dreamers because their future hangs in the balance.

“They are not here to take away from anybody, they are here to add more, and that’s the thing that people aren’t necessarily aware of,” said Lydia Hernandez, who showed up to the rally to support dreamers.

Alma Alba is a dreamer who showed up to the rally. She has a full-time job and is thinking about going back to school, and even with the uncertainty of DACA, continues to have a positive outlook.

“A lot of people focus on the negatives, and we need to stop doing that,” said Alba. “We are part of history, so I think it’s our chance to make a mark.”