Boise State pairs with INL for cyber-security

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 19:15:36-04

Idaho National Labs and Boise State University have received a million dollars to collaborate on a cutting edge cyber-security lab. It is expected to become operational this summer of 2016.

The Idaho National Lab will be contributing expertise, and BSU will be providing grad students for research as they pursue cutting-edge research and best practices in defending infrastructure from cyber-incursion caused by hackers or hostile state actors.

“INL is proud to collaborate with Boise State University and the other Idaho universities as we lead efforts to address emerging national challenges and advanced threats to the nation’s power grid, water supply, and other critical infrastructure,” said Brent Stacey, INL associate lab director for National and Homeland Security. “Through the BSU center, Idaho students will have the opportunity to engage at the leading edge of cybersecurity innovation.”

"It's a top priority I know for the national lab," said Greg Hahn of BSU. "We have some experts working in that area. And I think this partnership is going to help push that envelope even further."

The initiative was mentioned by Governor Butch Otter in his State of the State address, and the Idaho legislature included funding in the budget that passed soon after.