Crush the Curve Idaho helps set up COVID-19 vaccine clinic, seeks bilingual volunteers

Posted at 9:57 PM, Feb 26, 2021

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Crush the Curve Idaho has set a pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinic inside the AmeriBen building in Meridian, where Red Rock Pharmacy will be administering about 1,100 of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday to eligible Idahoans.

“From a Crush the Curve perspective, it's all about the registrations, the scheduling. We have great technology that allows people to schedule to really have low to no paper experience and move through that process," said Tina Upson, Executive Director of Crush the Curve Idaho. "What Crush does, we just really come in with the technology and that support staff to wrap around it and to really help have a good experience on the ground and leave the medical part to the pharmacy.”

Upson said hundreds of people have signed up to volunteer. The nonprofit organization is hoping to bring in bilingual volunteers who speak English and Spanish to help Spanish-speaking patients at the clinic site.

“To help people in their language. People can get lost, translation can get lost in the midst of it. We want people to make sure they feel comfortable and confident with the documents they are signing with the process that is happening and more than anything that there’s a trust in what we are doing," said Maricela Rios, a community outreach staff member with Crush the Curve Idaho.

Rios said they are seeking volunteers that have experience in the medical field.

“That could include interpreters, people experience in the medical profession. We are also looking for people to be outside all day to help guide people in the parking lot and we also need people that have experience in the tech side who can navigate through systems quickly. Just people that have a friendly face and are ready to welcome people in," Rios said.

Crush the Curve said it continues to update the community on vaccine availability on social media to help them figure out where to schedule their appointments, including having the information on their website in Spanish.

Upson said the vaccine clinic is not taking any walk-in appointments and eligible Idahoans would have to schedule an appointment online.

The organization will return to the clinic site in three weeks to assist, while patients receive the additional dose of the vaccine.

To sign and be a volunteer with Crush the Curve clickhere.