Crush the Curve Idaho has secured antibody tests for COVID-19

Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-19 20:51:56-04

BOISE, Idaho — It's been a week since Crush the Curve Idaho launched a coronavirus testing program for essential workers to help Idaho figure out where it sits on the COVID-19 curve, now this initiative is offering the test to everybody.

In addition, Crush the Curve Idaho is rolling out an antibody testing program to identify people who have had the coronavirus, right now that testing program is set to start in the Treasure Valley but this organization is working to make it available statewide.

The antibody test will help identify the people who had the virus and have recovered from it or people who had it but didn't exhibit any symptoms.

“Some of the rumors about how testing was not adequate, not sensitive enough or specific enough that is changing very quickly," said Tommy Ahlquist M.D. and creator of Crush the Curve Idaho. "I think that will get squashed out pretty soon there was a lot of misinformation earlier on bad tests that were originally from China, there are very good antibody tests and that’s what we will be using with Crush the Curve.”

These tests could also help health experts determine if people build up immunity to COVID-19 after having it, Dr. Anthony Fauci, his staff and the Food and Drug Administration are working to figure out the levels of antibodies needed for immunity.

“We don’t know yet and I actually saw an interview with Dr. Fauci this morning on this, we just don’t know yet on whether the long term COVID-19 antibodies are going to protect us for life or whether that wears off," said Ahlquist. "But what Fauci said and what I’ve heard a lot of experts say is there is no reason to think that it won’t but we don't know because the virus hasn’t been around long enough.”

Ahlquist also mentioned that falling behind because of a lack of tests in the beginning of the pandemic led us to where we are now so testing as many people as possible and continuing to test is how Idahoans will be able to get back to work.

“If you think about it even if we can get to 2,000 people a day in the next week that would give us 14,000 people a week," said Ahquist.

As of now the state has tested 15,751 people, there are 1,587 cases in Idaho and 41 people have died because of the coronavirus.

If you want to get tested for the coronvirus or redeive the antibody test click this link and all you have to do is complete a quick assessment, if you are really sick or you are an at risk person for COVID-19 you should call your health provider directly.

Both tests cost under $100 and Crush the Curve Idaho will accept health insurance, but for people who can't afford the test and don't have insurance this initiative will still work with you.

Business leaders in Idaho partnered with Ahlquist to create Crush the Curve Idaho and they have been moving non-stop ever since this initiative launched on Wednesday, April 8.

Here's a list of the businesses who helped make Crush the Curve Idaho a reality.

Ball Ventures
Saltzer Health
BVA Development
Clearwater Analytics
Jackson Food Stores
Blue Cross of Idaho
Idaho Centeral Credit Union
Teton Auto Group
B&T Hospitality
Old Boise
A10 Capital
Brighton Corporation
Rexburg Motor Sports