Crowd reacts to Sen. Rubio's speech

Posted at 10:23 PM, Mar 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-07 00:43:20-05

Many people we spoke with at Sen. Marco Rubio’s rally tonight said they came undecided on who their vote for President would be  but after hearing Sen. Rubio speak, all but one said he 100% would get their vote The remaining holdout said she was pretty swayed but is still going to do a little more research.

The line to get into the event stretched for hundreds of yards around the building. Many described the room as electric as the candidate spoke.  There were kids, veterans, new voters, just about anyone you can think of was in attendance tonight and overall it seems like everyone was pretty pleased with the impression Sen. Rubio left in their minds.

“You know everything that he was saying that he wants to accomplish and do, they’re obtainable goals that need to be taken care of.”

“The fact that Sen. Risch endorsed him, I trust Sen. Risch and if Sen. Risch is voting for him then I will too.”

“The biggest thing, I like how the promises that he makes are small enough to where he can keep not throwing them out of proportion like a lot of candidates do.”

“He made some pretty good points and it was super interesting to see him talk, and I agree with what you said even the people who don't support him they're all equal in his eyes and I really like that.”

One woman we spoke with said the only thing she wished Sen. Rubio would've touched on in his address to the crowd was the issue of a flat tax.

Everyone else we talked to said Sen. Rubio left nothing unsaid. He even spent time after the address signing autographs and mingling with the audience. He even joked about the fact that Saturday Night Live wanted him on the show last night but he said he turned it down to make sure he could be here to gain support in Idaho.