Crimestoppers in "financial jeopardy"

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 19:19:46-05

When Crimestoppers of Southwest Idaho asks for help from the public, it’s usually to help local law enforcement agencies find criminals -– or to help generate tips to help police solve crimes.

But now, Crimestoppers is asking the public for help again -– to stay afloat.

Crimestoppers is a nonprofit organization not supported by  taxpayer dollars. The group’s budget comes strictly from donations from the public.

According to a news release, “For over thirty years, Crimestoppers has been supporting the community and keeping it safe. However, the future of the program is in financial jeopardy.”

And that has law enforcement agencies concerned.

At a luncheon in Boise Tuesday, Boise Police Department Chief Bill Bones stated, “We as police agencies -- the Sheriff’s Department, the Idaho State Police and (the Boise Police Department), just don’t have the resources. We don’t have enough eyes. We’ve got good people and they work hard, but we can’t catch every criminal. And we need those sets of eyes, we need those half-million sets of eyes, that are out there. And Crimestoppers provides an opportunity for people to report (information about crimes) who maybe aren’t comfortable reporting to the police department directly.”

Crimestoppers managers say many of the tips the group has received have led to the arrest of felons and have helped local law enforcements agencies solve crimes.

“The volunteer members have worked hard in the past six months to streamline the operation and cut expenses, but with growing social media expansion, the addition of web sites, smart phone apps, the costs to run the operation continue to go up,” the release stated.

The group is now asking individuals and businesses in the Treasure Valley to come forward and become financial partners.

You can donate by going to the Crimestoppers website -– www.343cops.come –- or by calling 208-571-1566.