Crapo honors first female F-35B jet pilot

Posted at 12:54 PM, Dec 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-30 15:03:43-05

BOISE, Idaho — U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) honored U.S. Marine Captain Anneliese Satz, a Boise native, Monday with a Congressional Record Statement to mark her accomplishments -- which includes being the first female F-35B jet pilot.

The statement was awarded to Satz during her holiday visit to the Boise area.

The Congressional Record Statement reads:

“I congratulate U.S. Marine Captain Anneliese Satz, of Boise, Idaho, on her many achievements, including being the first woman to fly the F-35 fighter jet for the U.S. Marine Corps. Above all, I thank Captain Satz for her service to our nation.

“In June, Captain Satz became the first female Marine to complete the F-35B Basic Course. Before she joined the Marines, she earned her commercial pilots license flying helicopters. I understand Captain Satz has been assigned to her first operational unit: the “Green Knights” of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 in Iwakuni, Japan.

“My home state of Idaho is full of trailblazers. Among them are the women who are leaders, innovators and architects of a new reality where the “first woman to … ” is rightfully becoming a descriptor of the past. Captain Satz is a courageous Marine fighter jet pilot. She is also a groundbreaker who worked hard to complete her training and prepare for her service ahead.

“Thank you, Anneliese, for your service to our country and for your hard work and great leadership. Your preparation and diligence are commendable. You are showing young Americans, and adults alike, through your example of dedication and proficiency that high goals are achievable.”

The event was held at Crapo’s downtown Boise office Monday morning.

(Pictured right to left are: Sen. Crapo, Captain Satz, and her husband Anthony Pompei)