COVID causes Bogus Basin to lose $3 million in revenue, "our goal is to stay open and safe"

Posted at 4:39 PM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 19:01:55-05

IDAHO — Ski and snowboarding season is in full gear, and during a normal year, the number of people wanting to hit the slopes wouldn't be a health concern, but it is this season.

“As a nonprofit, our mission is to be accessible and affordable to the community, and that has changed this year due to these circumstances beyond our control,” said Susan Saad, Bogus Basin community and customer relations director.

For the first time in their history, they had to cap the number of season passes sold by 25%.

Bogus also had to put a cap on daily ticket sales.

“It varies depending on conditions and the day, so a powder day on the weekend will be less than, so really it is a sliding scale, and our team makes that decision every day,” said Saad.

The number of tickets available each day ranges from anywhere between a couple of hundred to the mid 500 range.

“Which is tough. We want to have people on the mountain enjoying it, especially this year.”

They also had to make the difficult decision to cancel their youth programs and their junior high and high school race programs.

Guests also aren't allowed to socialize inside the lodges.

As a result of all their COVID safety measures, Bogus Basin has lost roughly $3 million in revenue this season.

“It has been challenging financially for us. We have had to do a lot of things that are painful for us," said Saad. "But our goal is to stay open and safe."

So, if you plan on hitting the slopes or renting equipment, you might want to plan ahead.

Weekend passes go on sale on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. and are usually sold out within an hour or so.

But, despite all their setbacks, one thing that is in their favor is the snow.

“Conditions are great," said Saad. "We have awesome coverage this year. "Once you get out there, it’s the same magical Bogus that it has always been, and it sure is great to be able to provide that opportunity for everybody.”

She wants to remind the community to know their COVID safety guidelines before heading up.

That includes wearing a face mask when you are not eating, drinking, or out on the slopes socially distanced.

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