COVID-19 vaccine available for children 5-11 at clinics across the Treasure Valley

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Posted at 1:13 PM, Nov 03, 2021
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IDAHO  — The COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11 will soon be available at Saint Alphonsus Pediatrics Clinics and Primary Health.

Three clinics will be accepting appointments for the vaccine for children 5-11 years old now that the CDC and FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for the age group. Appointments can be made online beginning Nov. 8 at three clinics:

  • Boise (1072 N. Liberty Street)
  • Caldwell (315 E. Elm Street)
  • Nampa, Garrity (1150 N. Sister Catherine Way)

“Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5-11 is a real game changer,” said Dr. Mark Nassir, president of the Saint Alphonsus Medical Group in a statement. “These vaccines have been proven safe and effective in children 12 and older, and approval of COVID vaccines helps protect school-age children from the virus and helps protect their parents and older relatives. We expect to expand our availability of vaccines in the near future, and encourage everyone to get vaccinated, whether they go to Saint Alphonsus or somewhere else in the community.”

Saint Alphonsus is also still offering the Pfizer third booster shot for those who are eligible.

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Health staff with Primary Health Medical Group said Pfizer COVID-19 doses for children between the ages of 5-11 is now available at some of their clinics.

Dr. David Peterman, CEO and pediatrician at Primary Health said their health staff has been preparing for the past several days to administer the vaccine to young children. Peterman adds that a small dose of the Pfizer vaccine is administer to this age group.

“You get dose number one and then it's very specific the next dose comes at 21 days," Peterman said. "If for some reason the child gets it a week beyond the 21 days it’s still okay. But you have to wait the three weeks because you need give it a chance for the antibodies to build up and you want to get to the point were if you give it too soon before the three weeks you wouldn't get a good response."

Clinical trials have been reviewed by the CDC and FDA, Peterman said.

“And what they found was, first of all the the kind of side effects that children had seem to be less frequent not as great as with adults. The typical things that we have heard about with COVID-19 vaccine which is sore arm, feeling a little achy, and sometimes a fever those are the common side of effects," Peterman said.

Peterman recommends parents contact their child’s doctor or a family pediatrician if they have concerns or questions about the vaccine.

Primary Health is accepting walk-ins but encourages families to make an appointment online.

  • Boise (Cole and Fairview)
  • Meridian (Meridian Crossroads)
  • Nampa, Garrity
  • Cole and Victory (Pfizer Vaccine for Children 5-11 available Nov 8.)
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Family Medicine Residency of Idaho will also be offering the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 starting next week. A spokesperson said, for the moment the dose will be available to current pediatric patients.

"For the remainder of our clinics in the Treasure Valley, we are only opening this up to our established pediatric patients; parents will need to call to make an appointment at the clinic they’re child(ren) are usually seen," said Becky Lynch, marketing communications coordinator with Family Medicine in an email.

Family Medicine has a partnership with the West Ada School District and through the Meridian Schools Clinics parents that have students in the district can now scheduled appointment. West Ada parents that are interested in scheduling an appointment can call the number (208) 514-2527.

The clinic isn't accepting walk-ins and masks are required entering the building, Lynch said.