Couples elope all over U.S. with "Simply Eloped"

Posted at 6:16 AM, Feb 14, 2018
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Valentine's Day might have some thinking of tying the knot, but a big wedding might not be for everyone. 

A local couple is taking the concept of sizing down to a whole new level.

Janessa White and her partner, Matt Dalley are the co-founders of "Simply Eloped," a company that allows couples to plan their dream wedding on a much smaller scale. 

"We did a ceremony where a guy had a Bat-Man shirt under his suit you know and that was like a big part of how they met, we had another couple who were huge Star Wars fans so they included that in their vows and had like a Star Wars cake," said Janessa White, co-founder, "Simply Eloped." 

The couple plans elopements year round at several locations around the country. 

"We just opened up in Idaho, New Orleans, New York, Hawaii, and Colorado," said White.

Since their company started a little over a year and a half ago, the company has booked more than 600 ceremonies.

"We offer pretty much everything that you need around your ceremony package so an officiant to marry you, photographer to capture the moment, videographer, flowers, hair and makeup and then some other add ons like transportation you know. We're working on catering, so if you want to bring a picnic you can," said White.

The bill can run anywhere from 350 dollars in some locations to 1,200 dollars for the whole package. 
The concept is all about letting the couple customize their ceremony.  

"When did you first know you fell in love, so all that's a really big part of it. We help customize the ceremony and the vows," stated White. 

If the couple has their marriage license already, they can plan an elopement in as little as 48 hours. 
White says she is just happy to offer an alternative to a big wedding.

"The average wedding costs 36,000 dollars, so to be able to offer them an alternative and see the freedom that they experience in personalizing their own day, not having to perform in front of a large audience and really just customize it to meet their needs and what they envision I think is really special," said White. 

White says on average, people bring five to ten guests but they've planned ceremonies with as many guests as 40. 

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Wedding photo credit- Simply Eloped