Countdown to Idaho's primary election; Here's what you need to know

Posted at 4:37 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 18:37:48-04

We are now just 40 days away from the highly anticipated May 15th primary election, and the Ada County Elections Office looks a lot different than it will on Election Day as thousands of voters are expected to hit the polls. 

“This is a big election year. We have the Governor’s race, the congressional district race,” said Ada County Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane.

Officials are already busy behind the scenes making sure Election Day goes smoothly.

“Here in Ada County we have 150 polling location so all the totes and supplies behind me are the supplies that will go to run the polling locations,” said McGrane.

In Idaho, the Republican Party holds a closed primary meaning only registered republicans can vote in the republican primary.

The Democratic Party has an open primary which means anyone of any party affiliation can vote in the democratic race if they so choose. For those who are unaffiliated, you can pick which party you would like to affiliate with when you get to the polls or when requesting an absentee ballot.

“For those who are already affiliated, the deadline is passed for you to change your affiliation,” explained McGrane.

Absentee ballots are already being sent out. If you haven’t yet and would like to request an absentee ballot that much be done by May 4th. 

Another option is to vote early in person.

“Beginning April 30th, early voting will be available throughout Ada County in multiple locations where just like you would on election day you can actually go early at your convince Monday through Friday and vote prior to the election,” said McGrane.

To give everyone a chance to vote, even if you haven’t registered or have changed your name or address, Idaho does have same day registration. All you need to do is bring a photo ID and proof of residence to your polling place. 

“We want to make sure everyone has a chance to weigh in on these races and has a say in the process as we move forward,” said McGrane.

For more information about registering to vote, finding your party affiliation and polling place, the candidates and the voting process click here.