Cops on Trains: Operation Lifesaver

Posted at 12:56 PM, Oct 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-15 19:34:44-04
On Friday, Idaho State Police teamed with the local railroads trying to remind motorists that if you don't stop for trains, it could be a train wreck.
"Number one, it's against the law to go out in front of a train that is within 1500 feet of a crossing but more importantly you can lose your life if you get hit by a train, said Travis Campbell, Operation Lifesaver coordinator. 
This year, they have conducted 7 of these operations in Idaho, but they still had plenty of drivers trying to sneak past.
"Since this morning, we started about 7:30 I think we have stopped upwards of about 20 cars already"
While today, it was just a 90 dollar ticket, tomorrow it could be the loss of your life.
"Cars are not built to be taking impacts for trains"
"The weight ratio between your car and a soda can is about the weight ratio between the train and your car
It's 4,000 to one survivability of being hit by a train is 20 times less than if you are hit by a car."
So remember, the next time you see flashing lights instead of hitting the gas, give them a brake.
"If I get called to an incident between a motorist versus a train and I show up and somebody there that was in the car is still alive, I like to go and shake their hand because usually, that is not the case," said Ryan Hoxie, ISP trooper.
"The real tragedy with these things is that they are preventable."