Construction underway at new Booth Marian Pritchett School

Posted at 4:02 PM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 18:02:46-04

BOISE — Nail by nail, the new Booth Marian Pritchett school is coming together.

"This building is around 50,000 square feet," said director of social services Lindsay Klein.

Officials say the new facility located on Emerald Street \will increase enrollment from their current 50 students to 120. The Salvation Army, which runs the school, says while the location in the north end is historic, they need more space, especially to help out with childcare.

"We could accommodate kiddos up till their 3rd birthday, and then we'd have to help our students find childcare outside of the school," said Klein, "we're so excited to be able to expand our capacity, our school will be able to double student enrollment as well as expand our childcare services for infants all the way up through preschool."
Once construction is complete, they'll focus on the social services building in place for community resources.

"Were also bringing the food pantry under the same roof, actually all the services will be under the same roof so that will be nice," said Major Michael Helverson with The Salvation Army, "instead of having three building were going to have all the services under one roof."

With each slab of concrete, the project is getting closer to its completion and move-in day is right around the corner.

"Our students are really excited, we spent many years working and building this program to make sure its state of the art and our students are getting the best education they can get," said Klein.