Conjoined twins living in eastern Idaho approach half-birthday

Posted at 2:19 PM, Jul 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-17 17:02:01-04

Callie and Carter Torres are adjusting to life in Blackfoot, Idaho. 

The twin girls were born on January 30 in Houston, Texas under specialized care. The girls are conjoined and share everything from the pelvis down. 

After a six-day car ride, the twins arrived home in eastern Idaho in March. 

"It has been a little hectic," mom Chelsea Torres says. "The community is getting used to them being here and everything. They're just growing, getting a lot bigger, that's for sure."

The Torreses say living in a small community like Blackfoot has its advantages, as most of their neighbors are aware the twins are conjoined, but they're still learning to deal with prying eyes and personal questions. 

"They kind of always ask if they hit each other in the face, which, of course they do," Chelsea says. "Which is kind of a weird question to ask."

The Torreses say there's a learning curve to becoming a new parent, but they're picking up new skills along the way.

"I started sewing their clothes," Chelsea says.

She started a YouTube channel demonstrating her technique in an effort to help other parents of conjoined twins. 

The Torreses say there are no plans to separate the girls. 

"Separation is possible, but because they're so healthy we don't want to separate," Chelsea said.

Now, as they approach their half-birthday at the end of the month, the girls are already starting the life-long process of making it work together. 

"A lot of people ask... how we're going to treat them, and we just tell them this is the way Callie and Carter do things," Chelsea says. "How they're going to do it is how they're going to do it, and we're not going to intervene."